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Les offres Everoze SAS

Who we are:
Everoze is an employee-owned renewables and storage consultancy.
Our unique strength is bridging the gap between the technical and the commercial.

We’re a team of 40 consultants who are flexible, experienced and interdisciplinary. We’re spread across Europe and active in energy markets throughout the world.

We work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable.

What we do:
Due Diligence on Demand: Working smarter to rapidly evaluate risk and opportunity.
Project Support: Applying experienced eyes to improve asset performance and add value to project development.
Strategic Advice: Deploying effective people with the right industry know-how to address technical, commercial and strategic challenges.

What we believe:
We believe that our energy system must be free from CO2 to help minimise the detrimental effects of climate change and protect our children and grandchildren.

We believe the power of technology is transformational. Advances in the most mature renewables means that in many markets we can already generate electricity without carbon emissions or additional costs. Advances in enabling technologies and market innovations including energy storage, demand side aggregation and big data mean that the majority of our electricity can be generated by renewables in the decades ahead, even when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun fails to shine.

It is our goal to help bring about this vision by adding value directly to our clients’ projects and helping to facilitate the great energy transformation that lies ahead.


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