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Publiée le 09/05/2022
Product Engineering Leader H/F

CDI 5 à 10 ans France - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - Lyon

> Le poste

Today, we are hiring our future Product Engineering Leader

As the Representative of a Product Portfolio, you will have a strategic and important position as leader of generic product development. The principal goal of this position is to manage the development of a generic product (system, stack, components, …) according to the product plan that have been defined by the product marketing and the technical engineers.

Your missions will be defined in two principles topics:

Project Management:

- As the starting point of the grid, you will have to Build and Follow-up the Project Management Plan (Time, Planning, Budget, Cost, Quality, Performance…).
- In the meantime, you will have to lead and coordinate the Product development Team.
- As the Product Marketing’s main point of entry, you will have to deal with all the request, follow and pilot the required resources.
- Understand the technology trends and include them in your development according to the innovation roadmap.
- Ensure that decisions are taken, trades-off are made, and issues escalated on time.
- Deal with all the internal stakeholders of the project, with target to specify the requests and define related priorities.

Engineering Leader:

- Within the different engineering teams in SYMBIO, you will define your needs and build your technical team in order to synchronize and generate the milestone of the project and plan the engineer’s activities.
- During all the project lifetime, you will need to synchronize with the R&I teams to define and feed the development with the appropriate design rules.
- With your position of Leader, you will have to ensure the overview of the common task by for example, making sure that all the deliverables from the technical teams are available on time, or ensure the production preparation.
- On another hand, you will manage the different Engineering change request.
- In the meantime, you will need to create the product justification file (calculations, simulations, and tests), the compliance matrix, and develop the documentation linked to the product.
- You will also support the sales team during acquisition phase and be in touch with customers to ensure a technical explanation of your product.

> Le profil recherché

To succeed in the position, a minimum of requirement is needed.

o As the technical aspect of the product will be quite important, an engineer degree is required with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the automotive area.
o To be able to understand quickly all the aspect of the position, a first experience in the fuel cell area can be a good point.

Skills and competences:

o With this type of job, a good understanding and knowledge of technical and mechanical aspects is a necessity.
o As the technical and managing representative of the product, good adaptation, overview and thinking abilities are needed to fulfil all the blanks.
o In the same spirit, you will have to demonstrate experienced skills in management and communication.
o A good level of English, both speaking and writing is also mandatory.

Cette offre n'est plus disponible


Responsable du recrutement chez SYMBIO.

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