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Publiée le 25/09/2021
Senior Economist Expert In Minerals Intelligence H/F

CDI 5 à 10 ans France - Centre-Val-de-Loire - (45) Orléans

> Le poste

Essential duties and responsibilities:
You will be in charge of the following tasks:
- Collect and analyse information on the entire value chain of raw materials: inventory and follow-up the evolution of mining and quarries projects at the various stages of development, ensure technical and technological monitoring from upstream to downstream businesses, analyse production data, commodity prices, world trades, changes in needs / uses and consumption, etc.
- Carry out comparative analyses of markets, industrial and geopolitical strategies on a global scale in the field of mineral resources;
- Contribute to the scientific production of notes, reports and oral presentations that are accessible and understandable for different audiences (panoramas, mementos, summary sheets, etc.)
- Produce decision-support tools and develop the BRGM methodology in order to continuously adapt it, taking into account in particular the temporal dynamics, political and regulatory changes;
- Bring a generalist transversal vision and carry out multi-criterion diagnostics at different scales to understand the evolution of world markets and trends in the prices of critical substances;
- Establish projections, probabilistic forecast scenarios and assess the risks on supplies for France and Europe;
- Propose recommendations in terms of actions to implement and provide strategic advices to limit these risks and guidelines for our research program to develop knowledge on the mineral potential, which will prove essential for the sectors;
- Intervene and coordinate relations with our industrial partners as well as with representative bodies or French and European government working groups;

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> Le profil recherché

You have obtained a Master degree or a higher grade certificate (mining engineer or PhD in geosciences, economics or political sciences), you are specialised in topics relating to Mineral Resources management and governance; you are able to understand current societal, economic and environmental issues from different perspectives (geostrategic, technical-economic, political ...) and at different scales (France, Europe, International).
You have at least 8 years of professional experience in the management of projects related to the field of mineral resources, in a private company or in a research institute. You wish to bring your expertise and your technical and scientific skills in the support of public policies or business decision-makers.

You will mobilise the following skills and qualities:
- Good knowledge of the mineral resources domain and related industrial sectors associated with the treatment and transformation of raw materials (mining and metallurgy, quarries, mineral industry and construction materials, etc.);
- Sense of organisation and mastery of statistical and digital tools to research, compile and analyse data;
- Editorial skills allowing you to write quality technical reports, briefs, strategic advisory notes and scientific publications;
- Fluent sociability and leadership allowing you to host public conferences, to pilot working groups, to maintain a high-level professional network and stimulate a collective participation of the team;
- Spirit of initiative, you are a source of ideas for your colleagues, our industrial customers and external partners;
- Fluent in French and English (spoken and written).

Position within BRGM employment chart:

Scientific stream; Project Manager or Expert

Cette offre n'est plus disponible


Service géologique national, le BRGM est l'établissement public de référence dans les applications des sciences de la Terre pour gérer les ressources et les risques du sol et du sous-sol.

Son action est orientée vers la recherche scientifique, l'appui aux politiques publiques et la coopération internationale.

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