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Publiée le 10/01/2022
Postdoctoral position in physics/mathematics/geophysics H/F/X

CDD / Mission - - 1 à 3 ans France - Centre-Val-de-Loire - (45) Orléans

> Le poste

You will be under the Geo-resources department of the BRGM, and will have potential interactions with the Risks and Prevention department.

The main role of the Geo-resources department within the BRGM is to deepen geoscientific understanding and render it useful for the needs of society, notably through: collecting and developing new data; developing innovative methods and techniques, in particular cross-discipline approaches and numerical models; designing and understanding geological events, and their evolution over time; creation of cross-discipline summaries and assessments for use in the socio-economic world.

With this goal, the Geo-resources department develops its own algorithms and processing/interpretation methodologies in order to solve the different problems it faces in the most appropriate manner. This is particularly important and is a challenge in geophysics in order to reliably image the properties of the subsurface. Only data inversion still requires the use of external software. This software has shown to be efficient and resilient. However, it is not fully adapted to the BRGM needs and limits the possibilities of valorisation.

With the arrival of open source codes, be it 1D, 2D, 3D using deterministic or stochastic approaches, and the development internally of various algorithms, the Geo-resources department would like to develop its own inversion algorithm, by adapting the existing one, in order to make it fully operational for the specific application needs of the BRGM and for the inversion of large data sets covering wide and highly contrasted areas which often present high level of relief, such as on volcanic islands. The development of this type of algorithm would also give the Geo-resources department more R&D flexibility. The Knowledge of the uncertainty of the imaged properties and the tool modularity regarding possible acquisition geometries will also be included in considerations.

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> Le profil recherché

You have a doctorate, with strengths in scientific calculations and numerical modelling and skilled in programming (e.g. Python or Matlab). Solid experience in data inversion/modelling is also desired. A good understanding of modelling methods (e.g. Finite elements) is desirable.

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Service géologique national, le BRGM est l'établissement public de référence dans les applications des sciences de la Terre pour gérer les ressources et les risques du sol et du sous-sol.

Son action est orientée vers la recherche scientifique, l'appui aux politiques publiques et la coopération internationale.

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